Why I will not use Google Chrome (yet)…

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I like Google… I mean come on, few don’t like Google… I will not feel guilty because I like Google, I tell you! I will also not feel guilty writing about Chrome, everybody does these days…

I was more than happy when I read about the release of Google Chrome, and did just what the marketing experts expected me to do, downloaded and installed. Being a Firefox junkie, I had some thoughts about whether Chrome could actually replace Firefox, even though I have not heavily customized it. Since Chrome is something between Firefox and Safari (closer to Firefox) and since I have used both in the past, I had no problem adjusting, all my bookmarks, even my browsing history (hmmm) was there.

I was almost ready to throw Firefox away and use Chrome all the way, but I decided to leave it alone for a couple of days, to get a better feel of browsing with Chrome, you know, visit all my regular sites, do the stuff I usually do and in the mean time, read some opinions about it, see what other users think.

The complaint I heard most often, was the lack of add-ons. At fisrt I thought that this did not concern me at all, I use only No Script and Gmail Notifier, no themes, no Greasemonkey scripts, no fancy add-ons, I could surely manage. Except that I couldn’t…

I don’t mind that I can’t have the notifier within my browser, I could always install the program Google offers, but the script thingy, well, I just couldn’t live without.

Then I happened to read about the dark spot in Chrome’s Terms of service. Now, I am not one of those Big-Brother-is-watching-you fans, but you have to admit, when someone says that whenever you use one of their products, they have access to any information you exchange, it is something to trouble you, even a little. People have always suspected one company or another, sometimes rightfully, sometimes not, and this could be another such case, but it was right there, in their EULA, until they changed it.

The fact that the source code is right there for everybody to see, will clarify things in a little while, in the mean time, all those who want to use Chrome but are worried about Google finding out you’ve been surfing for porn, there’s always Chrome Anonymizer.

I think I will stick with the fox for a little longer… Now if you excuse me, I’m off to surf for porn


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