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Mega Respects [Megaman 9]

With my mood totally ruined, I was browsing throuh my RSS Feeds this morning, when I bumped into one of the most awsome, and by far geekiest Megaman 9 fan video I’ve ever seen. Enjoy:

Rocks doesn’t it?

Here is the creator’s Deviant Art page.

Oh, I almost forgot… There’s a chance we might see a new Elder Scrolls in 2010. Neat…

Now if you excuse me, I think I will go back to being sarcastic and bitter…


Murder in Maple morgue…

Maple Story, is a “free” MMORPG, with millions of players all around the world, 2D Graphics and anime cuteness. Free to download, free to play, but to buy items you need to pay, with real money. Well, it’s not my money, so I don’t care, right?

One of the things you can have your avatar do in the game, is marry, wow… As in real life though, marriages don’t always last forever, lack of love or bandwidth, you know how these things go. This one though, ended in a real tragedy, the first murder in the Maple universe.

The 43 year-old Japanese piano teacher, couldn’t live with the fact that she had been rejected by her virtual husband, so she somehow got hold of his password, logged in and deleted his character. Now, being arrested for murder, would be a breakthrough in law enforcement, but I don’t think society is ready for something like that. She was however, arrested for  hacking and If officially charged, she could face up to 5 years in prison…

I don’t find this funny at all, you know… One can easily say that we are talking about not so “normal” people, here (no, I don’t want to talk about what’s normal and what’s not, you get my meaning so no such comments), that these are rare occasions and a number of other things. But being obsessed over a game, to a point where you have difficulty in telling where the game stops and where your real life starts? Yeah, I’m the pessimistic type…

via Yahoo News


The Smurf Conspiracy…

You knew it right? Deep inside, since you were little, you were sure, but you believed you were the only one making these thoughts. Fear of rejection stopped you from sharing your thoughts with the world. Fear no more!

Smurfs are evil and these people know too… you are not alone any more…

Somebody once told me (after having consumed a fair amount of various drugs that is) that smurfs symbolize the nuclear holocaust that threatens our society. He said that their houses, are mushrooms for a reason and that the hats they wear are the gas masks human will be forced to wear after the holocaust. Maybe I should bring him into contact with them…

As an added bonus, while digging arount the linked site, here’s some vintage robot porn for your pleasure…


After the Live…

The Plastic Tree live was a huge success, everybody was happy and, as always, I am too lazy to write a proper report about it. The band on the other hand was not, so you can check some photos they uploaded on their blog, right after the concert.


Plastic Tree Live @ Second Skin 14 Oct 2008

Since I concider this to be important, I decided to post about it. Well it’s not like you see a band like Plastic Tree in yout continent every day, you know… J-music is not really my thing, but I’m glad to see that events like the above take place.

So, if you are going to be in Athens next Tuesday and you like J-music, why not drop by? If anything, it’s going to be fun.

PS: Those who can read greek, click on the image above or here, for more info. Those who can’t, and are too lazy to use babelfish, here is a link 😉 Well, I don’t have to mention that I am at your disposal for any questions, do I?


What to do now…

Yeah, I know…
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I will resort to the usual excuses, so many things to do, so little time, I can hardly get a good night sleep etc etc.

The truth is that these excuses, almost always are close to what’s really happening, pretty often other activities have more priority than a post. Boredom you say? Yes that is also a factor, but in my case at least, it is directly connected with the lack of time.

It’s been a very very stressful period for me, there were a lot of things that needed taking care of, in both work and personal life. The little time I had available, I had to spend it in doing absolutely nothing. Emptying my mind, focusing on things to be done, planing things to be done.

My plans include this blog too. The fact that I was not updating, doesn’t mean that I won’t or that I don’t think about making something out of it.

In the mean time, whle I figure out what needs to be done, have a look at A Sides – B Sides, a blog by Helm and Johnny.

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