The Popular Science of Robbery

If you’ve been following the new iPad craze, then I’m sure you already know that magazines have begun to offer digital versions for purchase. Since printed press is heavily affected by the economic crisis, this is what I would call a smart move, and sales figures probably agree with me. I do not own an iPad (or iPhone/iPod – or any apple product save from a version of iTunes*) and this post is not about iPad! I know there are arguments for and against iPad, but I do not want to go there, at all.

While reading on of my favorite sites (Technabob), I stumbled upon this post, where Shane complains about the price one has to pay for a digital version of Popular Science.

The printed version and the digital version cost exactly the same amount of money! $4.99 per issue! At first I wanted to search a bit more, maybe find a statement from a P.S.’s representative, that would try to explain this, but then I got too angry. And between you and me, I don’t give a flying crap.

What could have been a brilliant move and would have helped with the crisis they’re going through, seems nothing more than plain robbery.



1 Response to “The Popular Science of Robbery”

  1. 1 myrto
    May 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Many mags and newspapers follow the same pattern which is utterly stupid. No printing cost or any of the other extras of the paper versions, means it is a cheaper publication and can have the same amount of advertisements. But it’s one more sign of the corporations *not getting it* same as the music and movie industry. It’s the eternal question of evolution or death and they heading rapidly towards death.

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