Seesmic Customer Support!

For quite some time now, I’ve been searching for a Twitter client. The reasons? Many. The web interface is OK, but nothing more than that. Mainly I am interested in being able to create lists and following different kinds of  information easily.

I know there are a ton of programs out there, each one with it’s own pros and cons, trust me I’ve my homework on that. One of the most popular clients is Seesmic. I had used it for some time, but I really don’t like Adobe Air, so I uninstalled it. Recently, I found out that they’ve released a Windows version and thought I could give it a go. I downloaded and installed it, entered my account details and at lightning speed (compared to Air version) I could see my time line.

However, when I tried to post an update, it would give me an error message, informing me that the update failed. Between you and me, I had no desire to look into it, thought it might have something to do with Vista, access rights and whatnot, and uninstalled it. Then I decided to twitt about this:

Seesmic 4 Windows was a disaster… Sticking to web for now…

And that with no intention of blaming the program or anything, I just meant that it didn’t work for me. A few minutes later I receive a mention, from Seesmic, asking me what went wrong and if I could supply them with more info, so they could help me solve the problem! All these years, this is the first time I get customer support without even asking for it! I am beyond impressed I must tell you. They asked me to send them an email, explaining what the problem was and so forth, which I did and the response was almost instant. They also asked me to try out the new Silverlight version of Seesmic and although so far I was avoiding Silverlight, I accepted and I am now testing Seesmic Desktop 2.

I will post my thoughts in a few days. Stay tuned till then.

PS: I am in no way associated with Seesmic or any of the people working there.


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