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How far would you go for an iPhone?

There is no doubt that Apple has either hired supra geniuses , for the marketing department, or they are using secret alien technology that brainwash people into buying their stuff. If you think that I am exaggerating, explain me this:

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I am sure that if I search some news sites, I will definitely find even murder cases over an iPhone but that would not impress me much, you know. Humans are known to eagerly take another life, be it human or otherwise, for practically no reason, so if it weren’t for an iPhone, it would be for a Nokia, for a Nike pair of shoes, for anything. But this, I don’t know… At first I found it sad, very sad. But as I read it over and over, I felt completely disgusted.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that someone does not deserve to have an iPhone (or pretty much anything else) but woman, it’s called child support for a reason! You’re supposed to spend that money on your child! If you can afford an iPhone, you probably don’t need child support!

Apple has won the bet you know, and for absolutely no reason will I blame Apple for the above. I am not sure I can blame this girl also, though…

How far would you go for an iPhone?


No Smoking!

As of today, smoking is prohibited in all close space public places in Greece*. That includes work space, public transportation, public service buildings, etc. There’s a lot of talk going on about the law, whether it is too strict or too elastic, there’s speculation that it will fail, there’s theories that the “politicians do not care about our health, but are only interested to collect money from fines”.

I am a smoker. I am a heavy smoker (2 packs a day, you can’t call that casual smoking).

I have absolutely no problem with not smoking where I cannot smoke. I respect those who don’t smoke, I understand that they are not obliged by anyone or anything to inhale my smoke, but as they claim they have rights, so have I.

I have the right to be protected from all you stupid non smokers who think it’s funny to laugh at my face just because someone thought to pass a law for something that derives out of pure logic!

Till now, I have been pestered by numerous people who claimed victory over smoking, who wished they would force me to quit smoking, who made jokes at me…

All of you, FUCK OFF. You will die of cancer anyway…

*It is the third or fourth time someone passes a law like that, but every time they “make a fresh start”.


Murder in Maple morgue…

Maple Story, is a “free” MMORPG, with millions of players all around the world, 2D Graphics and anime cuteness. Free to download, free to play, but to buy items you need to pay, with real money. Well, it’s not my money, so I don’t care, right?

One of the things you can have your avatar do in the game, is marry, wow… As in real life though, marriages don’t always last forever, lack of love or bandwidth, you know how these things go. This one though, ended in a real tragedy, the first murder in the Maple universe.

The 43 year-old Japanese piano teacher, couldn’t live with the fact that she had been rejected by her virtual husband, so she somehow got hold of his password, logged in and deleted his character. Now, being arrested for murder, would be a breakthrough in law enforcement, but I don’t think society is ready for something like that. She was however, arrested for  hacking and If officially charged, she could face up to 5 years in prison…

I don’t find this funny at all, you know… One can easily say that we are talking about not so “normal” people, here (no, I don’t want to talk about what’s normal and what’s not, you get my meaning so no such comments), that these are rare occasions and a number of other things. But being obsessed over a game, to a point where you have difficulty in telling where the game stops and where your real life starts? Yeah, I’m the pessimistic type…

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See the sounds, hear the colors [Yuri Suzuki]

I came across this guy, over at Technabob’s, who caught this from The Dapper Alchemist. Yuri Suzuki is a Japanese (obviously) artist/designer, who lives currently in the UK, and has a number of interesting projects to show. I suggest you read both posts mentioned above, and then head over to Yuri’s page, to check all the nice stuff. His experiments also include some dj sets, that he offers for download. Be sure to check them out, especially if you’re into progressive house, or fusion (not exactly but close^^).

He’s even designed a mobile tea ceremony set!!!

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