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Porn for The Blind

pornblindI was recently talking about video games for the blind, remember? I still think it’s a great idea, but this is different. We are talking about a whole new level here…

At first, I thought that Porn For The Blind was a big joke, and I admit I was a bit angry, but I decided to search a little, before posting it and it turns out it might be solid. I use the word might because I couldn’t find any sort of info on the site except that it’s a non profit organization and that there’s no charge for using their services.

By clicking the link above, you will find yourselves before a white page full of links to mp3 files, each one describing a short clip from some adult site. The description is recorded by volunteers, who are obliged to speak in a formal (ie not sexual) manner. Whether it’s useful or not, I cannot say, but I found someone who has recorded some clips and posts about it (yes it’s a Wired blog).

The interesting fact about it all, is that probably Porn For The Blind is not the first attempt to give the pleasure of watching porn to blind people. There used to be another site, but clicking on the link will get you nowhere (at least it got me nowhere).


Pack it!

They call this the next best thing since bubble wrap and between you and me, they are right. The best thing about bubble wrap is that it’s highly addictive (if you don’t believe me click here) and this thing could be as addictive as crack. After watching the following video, I have an urge to pack things…

Now, I have an idea… I only need to find a box big enough, get me a large quantity of that gel, and call my boss…

[Geeks Are Sexy via Newlaunches]


Coffee Art

The frequency of the posts might not be satisfactory (well to me at least) but I’m working on it. I think I might pull it off ^^

In the mean time have a look at some really amazing coffee @ napkin art.

Normally, I shouldn’t be showing you this, since I drink a lot of coffee, while Christoph Niemann doesn’t like it, but come on, it’s great!

PS: Click on the image for more!

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