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Hello little kitty!

I never denied that I hate Hello Kitty. I really do. It is hate that originates from the fact that the whole fucking world is full of hello kitty stuff, from plushes to vibrators!

You clicked on the link didn’t you? Then you found one of my favourite blogs, Hello Kitty Hell. I call it one of my favourite, because it shows that I am not alone in this world. See, a while back I had to constantly fight my urge to use a shitload of H.K. stuff as target practice, and between you and me, I now regret that I didn’t…

If you don’t believe that this cat can send your sanity to a permament trip, see this picture:


Still there? Good… Cause there are more disturbing stuff than this…
One such example is the ad for the Hello Kitty line of cosmetics (brrrr….) by MAC.

If you need something to help you recover from the shock and you are into the cat thing (cat as in cat and not despicable pink thingy…), this video is definitely for you:

Sigh… now, where is MY cat?….


Sex Crisis in Japan?

A few days ago, I was reading a very interesting post, about Tokyo’s Salon Erotique, at Pop Japan (the post is in Greek, but you can watch the videos). Having been at a sex shop in Tokyo, having seen what these people are capable of producing, and with a little help from the forementioned post, I decided to spend a fair portion of my next trip’s budget in such novelties (it’s the collector in me speaking, not the sex pervert, honestly 😛 ).

It seems however that all is not going well. The otaku sex industry (ie sex-related stuff for those who actually don’t get any sex) is going through a crisis. You don’t believe me? Take a look at the data Yano Research Institute provides for 2007 and you’ll see I’m right. Maid or cosplay related services face a 18.6 % decrease! If that is not a tragedy, what is?

Now, economics, is not my strong point, but this much I know: If there is limited demand for a product, it becomes cheaper. Hmmm, could this mean?… Yes! More for me! Ha!

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