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Murder in Maple morgue…

Maple Story, is a “free” MMORPG, with millions of players all around the world, 2D Graphics and anime cuteness. Free to download, free to play, but to buy items you need to pay, with real money. Well, it’s not my money, so I don’t care, right?

One of the things you can have your avatar do in the game, is marry, wow… As in real life though, marriages don’t always last forever, lack of love or bandwidth, you know how these things go. This one though, ended in a real tragedy, the first murder in the Maple universe.

The 43 year-old Japanese piano teacher, couldn’t live with the fact that she had been rejected by her virtual husband, so she somehow got hold of his password, logged in and deleted his character. Now, being arrested for murder, would be a breakthrough in law enforcement, but I don’t think society is ready for something like that. She was however, arrested for  hacking and If officially charged, she could face up to 5 years in prison…

I don’t find this funny at all, you know… One can easily say that we are talking about not so “normal” people, here (no, I don’t want to talk about what’s normal and what’s not, you get my meaning so no such comments), that these are rare occasions and a number of other things. But being obsessed over a game, to a point where you have difficulty in telling where the game stops and where your real life starts? Yeah, I’m the pessimistic type…

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I love you too…

I like technology, I make a living because of technology actually, and every time I run into a technophobic, I usually make a new enemy after talking to them for more than 5 minutes…

But there are some aspects of technology and by that I mean the use of technology that I have found a bit disturbing, for my taste at least…

Some times, when I get really bored and have absolutely nothing else to keep me buzy (while waiting at a queue for example), I like to play with my mobile phone, with the hope that I will discover a feature, a menu or whatever, that I didn’t know of (well, when you stick with the same phone for years, this doesn’t happen often, but you know what they say about hope).

So, as I was going through the SMS menu on my mobile phone the other day, I decided to have a look at the SMS templates, see i there is something I could use and delete the rest. Between the usual “Happy birthday” and “I will be late, because I stayed at the office, screwing my secretary, who by the way gives way better blow jobs than you”, I saw a template that said “I love you too”.

Before someone says that I take things too seriously, let me say that I do, some things at least. I’ve seen couples fighting over a bulletin at myspace, or a message in facebook, or a blog post or whatever, but this, I don’t know… It kind of frightens me… Not finding enought time to reply to a message from a loved one?

Oh, and my G** D**** phone won’t let me delete this!…

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