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“Whooo… are… you?”

Tough question don’t you think? I could choose the easy way, and start telling you about myself, the classic story of a young man (or woman – same thing different “thingies” ), struggling through a tough puberty (every puberty is a tough one), arming himself with knowledge and experiences, in order to be able to write a proper introduction in his blog.

I could also tell you about my childhood, about the countless times I caught my self interested in totally different things than my friends, but that is a rather sad story and I would keep it for a winter’s night, next to a fireplace (well since I don’t have one, I’m taking offers) with a glass of 6 Isles.

Maybe I could tell you about the first time I played AD&D, a turning point in my life, I must admit, but you know how it is with such stories, one forgets to stop.

Another all time classic, would be to tell you about the music I enjoy, how I came to enjoy that music, about the time I bought my first heavy metal album (it was Iron Maiden’s Fear Of The Dark by the way…). In the same pattern, I would then speak about the time I got my hands on Assimov’s I Robot and way it changed my reading habbits, or about the time I was 15 and I was reading the stories of H.P. Lovecraft by the candlelight. Oh, yeah, I would never forget to tell you about my favourite movies, especially about the time I watched A Nightmare On Elm Street (at the age of 12) from no. 1 straight to no.5

How about my relationship with computers and technology in general? Yeah, I would probably speak about those too. After all I intend to write about technology among other things, in here, right? 

Well, I could choose the easy way, but I won’t. I will not start telling you stories about me, I will just prompt you to re-read the paragraphs above, where you will find all there is to know about me, for the time being at least.

As time goes by, you will learn more about who I am, what I do, what I don’t do, as I will learn more about you too.

That would be my answer to the caterpillar. Oh, I would also want a puff of that hookah


1 Response to “Answers to Caterpillar…”

  1. October 19, 2010 at 2:29 am

    I like what I see…

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