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Bump Top Desktop – Bumped

minority-reportWe would all like to use an interface like the one in minority report wouldn’t we? Waving our hands around and opening files, browsing through pictures and doing all sorts of “Tom Cruise stuff”. Maube, just maybe that time isn’t that far…

Some time ago, I came across a youtube video, showing the features of a desktop alternative, called Bump Top Desktop.

Nice isn’t it? Yeah, I know… Most of you will think it’s probably eye-candy and nothing more, but I beg to differ. I downloaded the free version, installed it on two PCs (home and work) and worked with it for several days. What the developers tried to achieve, was a more natural way of working with your computer desktop, just like you are used to working with a real desk. Having piles of papers, sorting out your more important documents on a different pile, sticking post-its all over the place or having picture frames with nice photos to make your work more tolerable.

At first I was excited about this new toy. So excited, I was ready to order the professional version, so I could have all the additional features. I must say this is a very very good program. Carefully designed, with only a few bugs, I expect to be corrected soon and very user-friendly. Today, I decided to uninstall it though. It was not the bugs.

I just felt this was not for me. I mean, its for people who actually work on their desktops. I keep all my files elsewhere, organized (kind of) in folders, and I try to keep my desktop free from large files – we all know that having large files on your primary partition slows down your pc, right?

I recommend a download though. Try it out. See if it makes your work easier and if so, buy it. ^^


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