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Facebook Won’t Let You Like Anything

Just a quickie, because I’m having a little problem here and thought I might share.

It’s been a few days now, that Facebook decided I do not really want to like anything my friends post, or comment or share. I’m lying and you got me… The truth is, that I can’t like anything on my home PC, but while using other computers,  I don’t seem to have any trouble. At home however, every time I click on “Like” this is what I get:

Looks familiar? If it does, try cleaning your browser’s cache… Not really sure what or why, but as soon as I cleared Firefox’s cache and history, everything seems to go much smoother. I’ve gone on a “Like” spree and while it sometimes takes a while to appear, in the end it does. So clear away…


In Yo Face Dave Lombardo!

I was browsing through my RSS Feeds the other day, and I happened to read the facebook status of a young and inspired drummer who boldly stated that he

fucked another pair of drumsticks.

From my experience, that could only mean something towards death, black, thrash, which by no means is bad. In fact I happened to watch a Combichrist concert during which the drummer fucked more than a dozen pair of drumsticks. Although I do not mean to dis-encourage young musicians, breaking a couple of drumsticks doesn’t mean shit. If by any chance you happen to stumble upon my humble blog, dear young drummer, take a look at this

You do feel the shame, don’t you?

*Oh, if you happen not to know who Dave is…


Parents & the internet – What? Who? What?

In my line of work, it is very common for me to have to answer all kinds of computer related questions, from what is the best lcd monitor one can buy to how can one download porn to how can one spy on his wife. I usually spit out something extremely generalized (and somewhat in-comprehensive), hoping to be left alone, not because I don’t want to share whatever knowledge I may have with others, but because I have come to realize that most people (especially colleagues) do not ask you to learn from you, they do so in hope that you will say “sure, I will fix it for you”. To this day, cases that someone really wanted to learn something from me, needed a little push so he/she could take it from there, are rare.

One question that is really often, is how can one “protect” his/her kids from the dangers of the internet. Check the following semi-real dialogue:

– My 10 year old son spends way too much time on the internet. What should I do?
– What do you mean? You’re feeling alone and want him to keep you company instead?
– Don’t be silly, I am worried that he will watch porn* (or start worshiping satan, or meet pedophiles, or buy drugs, or…)
– Well, yeah, there is the possibility.
– So? What do I do?
– Well, you could… [series of suggestions]
– What? All that? It is a LOT of work! Isn’t there a program or something for this kind of thing? A friend of mine says there is!
– There are such programs, but they require you to… [long explanation about how net-filters work]
– Crap! I thought I only had to throw it in and be done!
– Apparently, this is not the first time you thought that all you had to do is throw it in…
– What?
– Never-mind…

Apart from the obvious, the above conversation shows one other thing: Parents do not know what internet is and most importantly how can they take control of it. You could always pull the plug (just like you do with TV) but you still don’t know what goes on in that little box your kid spends so much time with. Thankfully I was browsing Geeks Are Sexy, and came across this:

Problem solved! You only have to follow the instructions in the video and you will be able to spy on your children, control their digital lives, threaten their friends and a bunch of other interesting things!

I have to apologize to all of you who thought that they would read something serious, or even a ranting and were “tricked” into watching a humorous video, but the truth is that I do not have the patience to deal with this matter more seriously than this. See, being a parent, means above all else, being responsible. Yes, internet might seem scary, unknown or simply too much work, but it is your kid we’re talking about. Invest some time…


Konami Code at Facebook


If by reading the title you already know what to do, well done, you have my respect! For the rest of you, here’s a little tip, that is completely useless but might earn your friends’ awe:

  1. Log into your facebook account.
  2. On your keyboard, press: [UP] [UP] [DOWN] [DOWN] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [B] [A] [ENTER].
  3. Scroll up or down, press a link, do something.

You noticed something different, didn’t you? You got yourselves Facebook with lens flare! It will stay there until you log out. No go impress your friends kids!

PS: The Konami Code (or Konami Command) is probably one of the most famous cheat codes used in many Konami games.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

EDIT: Try it now (stupid typo…)


Link Shots

No time for a propper post, today, so I will share with you some of the things I happened to come across today.

The Facebook of Genesis.
What if God had a Facebook account? A College Humor classic!

The Matrix runs on Windows.
Another one from College Humor. Guess I stayed there a lot today 🙂

An awesome Japanese fountain.
Your daily dose of cool Japanese technology. Come on, admit it, it’s cool!

Clockwork Hand.
Even if you’re not in steampunk, you have to admit this guy.


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