How to Set up your Philips CGA5720N/TE as an access point

Just a short one, in case someone is having trouble with this specific router.

I got my self a new ADSL Modem/Router (a marvelous Fritz!) so my old one was gathering dust on the shelf. I decided to use it as an access point, because signal from Fritz! is weak in some parts of the house. This is not the first time I’ve done such a thing, I used to have a Linsys router performing the same duties, but put it in a much better cause than transmitting porn (I mean very useful news items). While Linksys had a very intuitive menu, allowing the ignorant in me to complete the task in hand, Philips was lacking the obvious path.

It proves that the answer is simpler than one could expect. This is how to set your Philips CGA5720N/TE router as an access point in 3 easy steps:

1) If you haven’t done already, set up the WiFi. Mind you, in case you have another wifi capable router (as I do) it would be best to set them up in different channels. I chose channel 11 for Fritz! and channel 2 for Philips.

2) Give Philips a static IP. I don’t need to point out that it has to be a valid IP within the range of your primary router, right?

3) Chose “Disabled” from the ISP settings, under the ADSL settings in the menu (see picture below)

4) Make sure that Philips is connected with your primary router via ethernet.


Click for larger view 🙂



That’s it! Now if you try to connect to Philips’ wireless from a laptop or phone or whatever it is you have, you will be able to see the outside world. I know that it is not that hard, but I was fooling around with the menu for a long time before I realized that the obvious path was the one to take… So, I thought to put it up here in case anyone else is lost in Google.

PS: It would be nice if it could work as a wireless repeater, but I am not sure if it has such capabilities… If anyone has any info on that one, please feel free to share 😉


2 Responses to “How to Set up your Philips CGA5720N/TE as an access point”

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