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Install Dropbox on Mint 9

Well, I really hate to have to do a post about this. I really do. I have been using DropBox for a long time now, I am perfectly happy with it and I have used both the Windows and the Linux versions successfully in the past.

Oh, for those of you who don’t know what DropBox is and are too lazy to click on the above link and have a look, let’s say that DropBox is online storage that you can have access to from any computer, whether from an application you can download or from it’s web interface. The basic service, including 2GB space, is free and there are a number of options to chose after that.

So, now that everybody knows what I am talking about, lets begin, shall we? In the past, when I was using eeeBuntu, I had installed the linux DropBox application hustle free. Just went over to their website, downloaded the ubuntu package and installed. This time, I thought I would have a look at the repositories first. I found out that there was a package called mint-dropbox so I thought I should install this one, since it would be, I don’t know, specially built for Mint.

As you expected, it didn’t work. No idea. Nada. These guys here, say that it works in some cases, does not work in others (in fact someone gives a 50/50 chance) and they recommended the packages straight from the DropBox site. I downloaded the x86 package, installed it and started DropBox. There was a pop up informing me that in order for me to use DropBox I would have to download the daemon first. I confirmed and waited. And waited. And waited…

It would download the necessary components, it would start unpacking them and when it would reach 100% it would close without a sign of success or failure. Strange huh? I tried several times and I received the same strange behavior each time. Until I found this post right here. A guy from DropBox support says that you have to open a terminal and paste this:

cd ~ && wget && killall dropbox; rm -rf .dropbox-dist && tar xzf dropbox* && rm dropbox*

This chain of commands (as I can understand) downloads the daemon and installs it manually. I assure you it works and right now, my Mint is syncing my files. Little happy dances….


Quick Tip: Remove a screw

Yeah I know, I don’t usually post DIY tips, but this one saved me and I thought I should share. I was trying to remove a hard disk, but one  of the screws was stripped, probably by the guy who installed the disk. There are ways to “convince” a stubborn screw to come off, ways that include a rotary tool and an evil smile, but this one might save you the trouble:

Use a wide rubber band between the screw and the screw-driver. The rubber band will fill in the gaps and hopefully you’ll manage to remove the screw.

Click the image bellow to go to Life Hacker and read the full article.


Automatic archives on WordPress

Remember when you wanted to make an archives page for your blog, but you always put it off for another time because adding 600 or so entries – with their links – is more than hard boring work? You don’t have to postpone it anymore! WordPress added a very nice little feature:

Make a new page and in the page body write {archives} (replace {} with [])

It will look something like this and it will save you a lot of trouble!


Konami Code at Facebook


If by reading the title you already know what to do, well done, you have my respect! For the rest of you, here’s a little tip, that is completely useless but might earn your friends’ awe:

  1. Log into your facebook account.
  2. On your keyboard, press: [UP] [UP] [DOWN] [DOWN] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [LEFT] [RIGHT] [B] [A] [ENTER].
  3. Scroll up or down, press a link, do something.

You noticed something different, didn’t you? You got yourselves Facebook with lens flare! It will stay there until you log out. No go impress your friends kids!

PS: The Konami Code (or Konami Command) is probably one of the most famous cheat codes used in many Konami games.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

EDIT: Try it now (stupid typo…)

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