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Pack it!

They call this the next best thing since bubble wrap and between you and me, they are right. The best thing about bubble wrap is that it’s highly addictive (if you don’t believe me click here) and this thing could be as addictive as crack. After watching the following video, I have an urge to pack things…

Now, I have an idea… I only need to find a box big enough, get me a large quantity of that gel, and call my boss…

[Geeks Are Sexy via Newlaunches]


I love you too…

I like technology, I make a living because of technology actually, and every time I run into a technophobic, I usually make a new enemy after talking to them for more than 5 minutes…

But there are some aspects of technology and by that I mean the use of technology that I have found a bit disturbing, for my taste at least…

Some times, when I get really bored and have absolutely nothing else to keep me buzy (while waiting at a queue for example), I like to play with my mobile phone, with the hope that I will discover a feature, a menu or whatever, that I didn’t know of (well, when you stick with the same phone for years, this doesn’t happen often, but you know what they say about hope).

So, as I was going through the SMS menu on my mobile phone the other day, I decided to have a look at the SMS templates, see i there is something I could use and delete the rest. Between the usual “Happy birthday” and “I will be late, because I stayed at the office, screwing my secretary, who by the way gives way better blow jobs than you”, I saw a template that said “I love you too”.

Before someone says that I take things too seriously, let me say that I do, some things at least. I’ve seen couples fighting over a bulletin at myspace, or a message in facebook, or a blog post or whatever, but this, I don’t know… It kind of frightens me… Not finding enought time to reply to a message from a loved one?

Oh, and my G** D**** phone won’t let me delete this!…

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